Vacationing in Hawaii

September 30, 2014

After, a week and a half I’ve had plenty of time to get my blogger cap on and generate some new post ideas. Hence I figured it was about time to publish some of them and give you guys some material to read. This is going to be a mini throwback to a trip I took to the tropics about 3 years ago. A look book, trip down memory lane, an online scrapbook whatever you may call it here goes nothing… or everything.


Wednesday, May 16 1:00 p.m. we had just left lunch at school to begin the drive to the hotel we stay at overnight


Thursday, May 17 6:00 a.m. we woke up in our hotel room, got ready & drove to the airport and…… took flight at 9:00a.m.

plane snipit…… and landed at 3:30 p.m. after a long 6 hours……..

airport snipit

The next few hours consisted of climate adjusting, car rentals, Costco & settling into the vacationing suite


Friday, May 18 9:00 a.m. first beach day! What more do you need then sitting on a Hawaiian beach!

beach snipit first day

……and another one, where we saw the first turtle

turtle blue water

Saturday, May 19 11:00, We saw this absolutely premium golf course with this lovely waterfall

faux waterfall

Next stop was visiting Wiapio Valley which was one of my favorite places and had some unique and interesting history

wiapio valley

-Same place- The waves were the best part an incredibly fun to jump around in

waipio waves

Sunday, May 10 sometime during morning, the we really get our bang for our buck from that jeep, took it for some 4 wheeling


I’d love to continue with this but it was a week 1/2 long trip so I’d just be too long but here are some more



Kayaking day to Captain Cook


Snorkeling on the kayaking day above and we even swam with a pod of wild dolphins!!!!


Spent a full day looking at gorgeous waterfalls

Visited a beach with black sand, so cool, but the tourists scared the turtles :/

Visited a beach with black sand, so cool, but the tourists scared the turtles :/

Made a few new friends ;) They greeted me with hello

Made a few new friends 😉 They greeted me with hello

plane wing

Plane ride home

There were so many other exciting adventures such as exploring a dormant volcano that had steam coming out of it (too foggy to take proper photos) and site-seeing a lovely lovely garden with scents that I wanted to bottle up and take home with me. Maybe in the future I’ll find more pictures to add. Wish you were all there experiencing it with me!

As for now, I really should settle into bed. Good night or good day depending on where you live and talk to all you wonderful people in my next post!!

Sending love around the world,


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