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Sutton Hotel

November 30, 2019

At the end of last October I had the opportunity to stay at the Sutton Hotel in Vancouver with four of my best friends! We all enjoyed our one night stay & had a great experience. Like anything, with the good, there’s also always room for improvement. Most of the stuff in my reviews are to be taken lightly as I purposely critic in a satirical way & become very petty to ensure everything is taken into account! 


  • Upon arrival, valet service was welcoming and professional but still joked around with us. 
  • Feel very important walking into the building, because guess what… you are!!!
  • Room service is speedy
  •  Although there were four 20 year olds with lots of stuff, there was plenty of room for us
  • The city lights were pretty during the night & the quiet streets below in the morning were peaceful
  • Added bonus to have a full length window that you can stand on the ledge and lookout
  • In the bathroom they had lots of products including lip balm

Room for improvements 

  • Should be more space to hang towels & tub is tiny 
  • Lots of unused space under the sink 
  •  Bed was comfortable, however for a five star, you’d expect something more plush
  • The hot tub being under maintenance was disappointing & the gym was closed as well 
  • Room decor is fairly outdated 
  • The windows do not buffer outside noises such as ambulances 
  • Heated seats & floors
  • Mood lighting
  • Laundry basket for dirt towels & robes

Sending lover around the world, 


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