“Sunglasses will look good beside these drinks!”

November 7, 2016

Who do you call on when stress is kicking down the door, the creativity of blog posts is as basic as a 14 on the pH scale and a good laugh is in need? Well, bloggers friends of course! Fortunately, I was finally able to meet up with the cutest blogging trio today ~Marley, Vienna & Rebecca. Reaching out to a group of blogging fanatics over Instagram and talking to them as a group as been such a pleasure. However, to me that wasn’t enough, and I’m super excited that I got to physically meet some of the faces behind these screens.


The venue, Old Hand, is a quaint, loyal coffee shop that has a very positive environment and prime area to meet with other bloggers. For the first time, I tried the London Fog, which I believe was a pleasant option for our chilly weather! However, Marley & Vienna had positive reviews on the Chia Tea as well. During this time, I got the opportunity to get to know each of the girls on a personal level rather then the every day conversations through direct message. I loved seeing each of their unique styles and personalities plus hearing their opinions on many different topics.


Of course, once the drinks were brought to the table, all the cameras came out. Unfortunately I forgot my Nikon, so I was so thankful that the girls had my back with the pictures! I had to giggle numerous times at the sight of the three of them standing at all different angles and throwing random objects from their purses into the pictures . Only bloggers understand the importance of angles and placement!! Trust me on this though, bringing say your sister or other friends along would include minor complaints of, “are we done yet?” and “it looks fine just like this, take the picture already!”.


Overall, it was such a lovely visit! If anyone hasn’t gotten the opportunity to meet with local bloggers, I highly recommend it. I was grateful that these girls made the conversation so friendly and not awkward at all. Meeting people online can seem intimidating when there’s nothing to go by, but the resulting outcome, as seen all over the internet as well, is rewarding and allows you to leave with a smile on your face!

Marley, Vienna & Rebecca are from BasicBloggerss . Be sure to check out their site as it is both user friendly and has a simple, yet attractive layout. And of course, their content is relatable, informative and enjoyable to read! *It was so nice to meet each off you and I look forward to doing something like this in the near future!!!* Also, I hope to find other bloggers in my area and continue to build more connections! It’s so neat how many emerging teenage bloggers have popped up, I want to meet every single one of you!

Sending love around the world,

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