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Social Survey: What Makes You Happy?

October 23, 2019

What makes you happy? Pretty simple question right? If you’ve spent time with me a lot a couple months ago (yes I’ve procrastinated this post!), you’ve heard that question a lot. 

Most of my life I have been pretty introverted. What I have realized from this, is that it builds a barrier from meeting lots of people, making connections and indulging in bounteous, diverse conversations. Especially being a business student, meeting new people and forming connections is such an important tool in life. With this blog I think it would be more meaningful and interesting to include the thoughts of others, aside from my regular Taylor-minded posts.

Over a month ago, I went half an hour across the border to a little beach town, Birch Bay. During this little vacay I thought it’d be the perfect time to begin this social survey. This is where that question came into place. I asked it everywhere after that. Imagine shy and introverted me going up to people in stores, at fairs, in bars and nightclubs pushing away all nervousness and prompting responses. This morning I woke up to sun which is something that always makes me super happy. So I made a coffee and thought this post needed to be shared today for y’all. Here’s a little positivity in humanity…


At Thrift Stores


  • Laughter. Every time I’m around my brother he makes me laugh. -Cashier
  • My friends. Books. Playing guitar. -Maddy
  • My husband. My work (not this, I teach kids to read.) My kids. -Michawn 


  • My family. I’m retired, but I wake up and make my wife lunch for work. I made my kids breakfast this morning. The key is to enjoy life.  – Steve (66)
  • Making other people happy. I have a moto is to make one person smile every day. Madison (17) 
  • Making other people laugh. – Macy (16)
  • Being around other people. (22)
  • Working and my coworkers. Everyone here is so friendly and in the morning they’re like, Jess you look so beautiful!  (18) Jess

Night out on the Town

Warehouse Bar

  • Spending time with my son is number one. I’m taking him on his first camping trip tomorrow. (Adam, 29)
  • Family. (Hunter,19)
  • Fulfilling my potential. (Brad, 54)

Roxy Cabaret

  • The sunshine. Ocean. And people I love. (Tivqua,19)
  • The roxy. (Carter,19)
  • Friends. (Forest,20)
  • Family and friends. (Tom,19)
  • When I see my crush. (Raina, 30)
  • D*ck. (Sammy,20)



  • My partner. (Erin, 22, Five Guys)
  • Working at Starbucks! (Chester, 37)
  • When I accomplish something. (Tony, Germany, 21)
  • Hanging out with people. Friends. Family. (Luca, Alberta, 20)


  • My dog. (Jaclyn, 29)
  • Hanging with my friends. (Angie, 37)
  • Being productive. (Brandin, 18) 
  • Getting sleep. (,37
  • Food. (Thomas,14) (Jacob, 17)
  • The beach. (Sasha,16) The be#ch. (Emily,16)
  • Bike rides. (Hayden,16)
  • When people are nice to each other (Julie, 52, teaches a social media course) 
  • Family,excercise, (Dawn,52) 
  • My kids (sheri, 44)
  • Figure skating (Mackenzie, 15) 
  • Video games and hanging with friends (Aiden, 14) 
  • People close to me. (Mia, 17)  

My friends & Family

  • Being able to help out other people. (Aunty Mar)
  • If I could jump up & walk. Walking with Edena. (Grandma,90)
  • Living in the moment, being the best version of myself and family. (Sister, 18)
  • When I can really appreciate everything that is apart of my life like friends, family, nature, education, deep conversations and exploring. (Claud, 20)
  • My family, friends, dog, boyfriend, the ocean, my thrifting business, spontaneous adventures, nights out. (Af, 21)
  • Easy, dance. (Jess, 22)
  • Opening my fridge in the morning and seeing my iced coffee awaiting for me (Bella, 17)


Some things that make me happy….

Walks, they never fail.

Adventures with mom.

Competition & being apart of a group of awesome women.

These two lovely ladies. (Sister, Aunt)

When everyone close to me is under one roof.

Camping & rolling hills.

Sharing laughs with all my chickadees & when other people are happy.

Last minute road trips or event decisions. Country music.

The countryside.

This view behind the truck. Yes, the mountains are beautiful too!


Kids. Playing. Giggling. Smiling.


Quiet backyard afternoons in the sun.


Dancing it out & being confident with myself.


The beach.


My people.

Thank you to everyone that was such a good sport about this survey. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to chat with so many lovely people. Hope this gave you a little happiness reading all the positivity.


Sending love around the world,


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    I love this post. keep up the amazing work

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