April 26, 2020


Hanging around home and everythng being shut down for the past while (month-ish) has been…well lots of things. Regardless of the feelings everyone has had, it has given many people a new mental space, time to slow down (even if you’re still grinding at home) and time to reflect. Here’s what I’ve learned while self quarantining. 


            Where both my priorities and other people’s priorities lie. With that  said, there’s always time for anything if you want there to be, however for the context of this post I refer to things set aside for daily duties. For those who have spent a decent amount of time at home like myself, now that you have the time to do things that are usually pushed aside, are they being done? 

Seemless online transfer:

           Personally, my classes were easily shifted to correspondences courses.  Even though a huge part of the population is unable to do this switch, there is still so many people being able to hold meetings, speak with clients/patients, hold events and conduct classes through online mediums. Although it may not be effortless for all, it is still amazing the era we live in where this is an option. 

Being even more selective with who I chose to talk to: 

           I think this is self explanatory.

Ease of online shopping:

           I generally don’t take any part in this. Oh how the tables have turned… at least I thought. It was pretty neat to do for a bit, thrifting off my laptop (I hardly ever go to malls anymore) and having it sent straight to my house. Easy. Then I realized that thrifting days with my friends or going downtown on the occasion to pop in stores, is much more fun!

Importance of “me” time:

         This could go hand in hand with priorities… but going from constantly planning things and running myself ragged to having lots of down time has shown me to take time to breath/get in a serene headspace when things get a little crazy.

Maybe some of these were relatable. This time at home has given me time to reflect on so much and I think it’s important to document it whether it be through journalling, tweets, tiktoks (LOL) or whatever means people use to express themselves. 

Sending love around the world,


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