Cinderella on a Budget

May 5, 2018

*Disclaimer: within this post there will be multiple companies mentioned but it is in no way sponsored, these are places on the top of my must list* The night of your life. Or so it seems. There are many thoughts on prom, but one thing most people can agree on is that it’s a well deserved celebratory night but it isn’t the end all be all. However I’m…

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ID Please!

March 22, 2018

It has almost been two weeks since I turned nineteen, which in B.C., Canada is officially an adult. How does it feel to be an adult? Great, any other exuberant word would not be fitting for this answer as this is just a number. Ever since I have been young, becoming “of age” was some sort of fantasy that I destined for a huge ridiculous Hollywood style party and for the universe to zap me into…

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On the Spon

March 8, 2018

  Firstly, happy international women’s day to all you amazing ladies around the globe! Cheers to girls being able to do everything guys can and vice versa, keep being intelligent, beautiful and powerful women. A couple of my favourite girls joined me on the weekend for a spontaneous (check the title!) drive to Cultus Lake. We were able to make it just in time for the sunset. Don’t…


Closet Therapy

November 11, 2017

When was the last time your closet was given some good old TLC? Have there been times when you’ve cringed at the thought of looking inside? …Or memories of  chucking things inside your closet to keep your room “clean” haunt you? If this is all too real, then join the band wagon. But don’t get too comfy because it’s time to jump off and get er done. Potentially the…

Hotel/AirBNB Reviews

My Stay at the Beverly Hills Peninsula

July 5, 2017

A little over a week from now my sister and I were spoiled teenagers and lived an absolute California dream. That’s right, instead of our Aunt flying down to Vancouver, we took a trip to LA the land of amazingness to experience a new culture and of course for some adventure. Our first night was spent at the Beverly Hills Peninsula which is extravagantly posh and exceeds expectations. After walking through…


Driving Lesson 4 & 5

March 1, 2017

A thousand hellos to everyone! This is probably going to be my second to last driving lesson post as it’s starting to be wrapped up. I decided to throw these two lessons together because they both include some exciting new things. Since I wasn’t able to write down every single detail from both these lessons, I’ve decided that I’ll give you some of the key points from my…

Hotel/AirBNB Reviews

Sheraton Vancouver Hotel Review

December 31, 2016

4.5/5 stars Unlike some of the other hotels I’ve stayed at downtown, I didn’t get a chance to fully explore the Sheraton. My stay consisted of two nights both of which were enjoyable. Upon arriving it was a quick check in and the room was easy to find. Unfortunately the first room we entered did not meet our expectations therefore we upgraded to a different one. That room…


10 Things I Learned Working In An Office

October 4, 2016

****Post from this last summer (2016)**** At the beginning of my holidays I was hired as a summer assistant. Along the way I not only gained lots of experience but I learned many things as well. For anyone interested in working in an office, or simply curious….             I learned…….   Paying attention, not only is logical when dealing with important papers, but it’s essential. It’s so easy to go…


Hopping into Rivers With Horses

May 3, 2016

       As I mentioned on social media early today, I was fortunate to join a trail ride with some family members today. The weather was beautiful (30 degrees!), the scenery was amazing & the company was lovely. Personally I really enjoyed it because I haven’t ridden a horse for at least a year & missed it I’ve always wanted to ride through a creek/river and that was…

Hotel/AirBNB Reviews

Four Seasons Hotel Review

April 26, 2016

This weekend, I was lucky enough to spend with my Aunt and sister in Four Seasons Hotel. After our last visit together, we thought it was necessary to come up with yet again another hotel review. Four Seasons is a Canadian chain founded in 1961 and it’s rated five stars across the board. If you like reading the reviews about this hotel, be sure to check out our…


A little piece of my writing (sonnet style)

March 30, 2016

For the past few months, I’ve been learning about Shakespearean sonnets in English class. These type of sonnets aren’t my personal favorite, but after writing one myself I have a better understanding for it. In order to get a just of how these sonnets are written here are a few guidelines that are followed: 14 lines 3 quatrains  & a couplet at the end iambic pentameter (every syllable has repeated stress…


7 Emotional Movies (must watch!)

March 21, 2016

Thought I’d share some of my personal favourite movies that are both cute, sad or plain out heart wrenching.   1.  Big Daddy If you’re looking for a movie with both a super cute kid and super funny guy, this is the one. Watch Sonny (Adam Sandler) raise a child (Sprouse twins!) in an adult environment that’s both sentimental and hilarious. This movie perhaps pulled me in due…


Five Things That Make Me Happy :)

March 9, 2016

Over the past few weeks, I’ve got the opportunity to socialize with so many amazing young (teenage) bloggers! One of them is Brittany who I’ve actually been communicating with for quite some time now. She’s a really good internet friend, I think that’s the terminology??!! She’s such a talented blogger and always has polished posts up on her blog! She is the owner of Brittany Fenton Blogspot. We…


Driving Lesson 2 & 3

February 20, 2016

Lesson 2? Your thoughts perhaps may consist of… is she actually writing about all eight lessons? Well… yes! But today I thought I’d sum up lesson 2 and 3 together so my blog doesn’t start to look as if I’m a mechanic. Catch my drift? *My new saying of the month?* As promised, many of the habits were reiterated during the second lesson. This time I was instructed…