On the Road & into the Bush

Just a week ago, I was fortunate enough to once again, go on our annual camping trip. A group of some family friends head northeast to the same campground every year as a reunion and to have some fun.

Some exciting news: I was able to pull off numerous 360’s on the kneeboard for the first time! Also, I’m getting the hang off the wake surf, has anyone else tried? I’m curious to know if other teens are into water sports and what they think if it! Please do share.

I’d like to include a camping essentials list, which may seem a little cliché. However, there are some must haves in order to have a comforting trip. Maybe some stuff isn’t quite what you’d pack but here’s an idea. If you have any cool stuff you bring then I’d like to hear your thoughts.

Camping Essentials list

Remember, you’re CAMPING. Ok to be a little realistic, there may be someone you want to impress, but always resort to the previous sentence. Quite frankly, if a guy likes you then he should like you in your natural form during camping where no one looks their best. Shouldn’t your natural form always be the case anyway? Some girls wear makeup (which I find a little unnecessary) although it’s perfectly normal not to as well.

IMG_3448 (2)

Yes, my legs look short but I assure you they aren’t. These are those famous crocks being worn like a pro.

To be honest, where I go, we’re roughing it, but that’s all worth it if you consider the fun it brings forth. Therefore, I may not have the freshest of the fresh clothes or wear my mascara but sooooo. Oh and as you saw for shoes, wear something comfy and that goes for clothes as well. Although I ended up wearing crocks for ¾ of the trip, long story, it wasn’t that bad after all. It was a lot better than ruining my feet, plus come on wear stuff with pride girl.


Easiest tent to set up, not so easy to sleep in. #small

Was that little spiel helpful in anyway? Personally I think that just having fun and staying safe is super duper important. Take risks and make some friends (don’t forget to get their # and all that shebang)! I also forgot to mention that I added the road list section for just in case your vacay destination takes a few hours or in my case 7. If possible turn off any electronics and do something non internet related.


Light it up.

Sending love around the world,


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