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My Stay at the Beverly Hills Peninsula

July 5, 2017

A little over a week from now my sister and I were spoiled teenagers and lived an absolute California dream. That’s right, instead of our Aunt flying down to Vancouver, we took a trip to LA the land of amazingness to experience a new culture and of course for some adventure.

Our first night was spent at the Beverly Hills Peninsula which is extravagantly posh and exceeds expectations. After walking through the grand hallways and out into a gated walkway, we were greeted by an elegant, brightly lit room. We were also pleasantly surprised to see the concierge had remembered we were attending the Hollywood Bowl to watch The Sound of Music later that evening. One slight downside was that we were only given two plates (and there were three of us) as pictured below.

We were however totally impressed and obsessed with the monogrammed initials on the pillows. Yes, my sister and I have a different last initial but purposely all got the same one to match! All three of us get giddy over the littlest but preeminent details.

Diagonally from the bed is a great workspace that includes one of numerous room remotes, a power socket, a printer (I have never seen one in a hotel room before or a fax machine), another phone and some stationery.In the room there is a Bose Speaker however it did not work, which would have been nice for our in room dance parties.

Venturing further into the room, a door opens into a spacious area to get ready and a grand bathroom. Between the room and bathroom is generous closet space for a hotel room, an ornate dresser with plenty of room and the perfect area to beautify. One thing that would have been a good addition is an extra bathrobe, slippers, etc. since there were three of us.

Now the bathroom was perhaps the room that amazed us the most. You step onto marble floors and see pink countertops that remind me of seashells. There are plenty of mirrors and this one has a television screen that is apart of the mirror. If that’s not neat, tell me what is. I mean what a luxurious room to brush your teeth in. The fun does not stop there, yes that’s right, in its own room the toilet has multiple buttons with a cordless phone for those sudden room service needs. The pact was to try at least one new button every time we used it. Then across from that is a generous sized shower with a rain shower head.

After a restful sleep is the comfiest bed and pullout couch, we loved opening up the double French doors onto the private patio. The morning sun encompassed us with heat but the building and trees kept us shaded from the rays. It was a lovely start to the day sitting outside with fruit, tea, juice and fresh flowers that were brought to our room by a sweet woman. Let’s just say it was comfortable enough for us to sit for a couple hours although once again there were only two patio chairs. However, we problem solved and all sipped on our teas listening to the birds chirp… and an interesting conversation with a man standing on a balcony and his presumable manger over the phone.

Overall, the three of us speak highly of this hotel and would recommend it to anyone wanting to stay in the area. We were only there for a night so didn’t fully use all the amenities however we did visit the rooftop pool and it is a wonderful spot to hang out and catch a bit to eat. Not to mention the amazing view! With all that said, as obvious as it is, I would definitely give this hotel a five star rating and could see myself possibly visiting again sometime in the future. On that note, hope all my fellow Americans had a wonderful Fourth of July.

Sending love around the world,

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