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MAT Trip 2017: Third Day at Warner Bros

July 8, 2019

This post has taken awhile to publish. Mostly because I had written the whole thing somewhere and misplaced it before I could type it up. One of the most irking things is losing work that you put effort into and I tend to become unmotivated to restart. Definitely a habit to fix. So here I am, rambling aside, this is what went down this day.

You start this ~2-3 hr tour by entering a theatre where you watch a short film that gives some background information. Then everyone is split into groups and a tour guide introduces themselves (ours lady was hilarious!). Everyone ventures around the studio in a golf cart passing by set buildings, movie landmarks and stages.

Some Facts that I managed to jot down:

  • Part of “The Cinderella Story” was filmed in lot 21
  • In one of the Batman movies, two of the chandeliers cost a total of $500,000
  • The opening scene of MASH shows the hill pictured below
  • Part of Full House was filmed in lot 24
  • The Big Bang was filmed on stage 25
  •  A live audience is used for laughter & if they don’t laugh while watching a live filming, a screenwriter will be standing there to change the script
  • If you want to participate as an audience member you can sign up at 


During the first part of the tour, we drove down “cities” as the guide told us what shows the buildings, houses and landmarks can be seen in.

Annie orphanage
Diner in Shameless
Full House front door
La La Land Cafe
The gazebo in the middle of the town
Tree where Jessi and Rory ate hotdogs
Miss Patty’s dance studio
Shed from pilot
Sound Stages/Back Lots

From there, she pointed out shows that were filmed in each sound stage. These were marked as a numbered stage with a plaque that said all the movies/shows filmed within. Fortunately, since it was summer we were allowed to take pictures & record in the ELLEN studio. That was definitely a highlight.


We also went in and saw the Big Bang theory sound stages which was when they talked about the live audiences and product placement. Then we went into a building full of archives. Here we saw things like artifacts from Harry Potter and Shameless to name just a few.

Design Studio

Then we walked around the Design Studio. This included bigger props, signs, etc. from WB shows/movies. It was kind of like walking through an antique shop!

Stage 48

Stage 48 is where you get to take a look at the production process!


Ending the tour we went into the Batcave that contained many of the batmobiles! Then concluded in the souvenir shop.

What a neat experience and another adventure down for the LA trip. Thanks again Aunty! Especially as someone who’s been an extra in the movie industry, it was interesting to see all these things in person, up close and personal. When visiting the area or even if you’re local, I highly recommend a studio tour. It allows you to be apart of this crazy industry for a day!

Sending love around the world,


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