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MAT Trip 2017: First LA Day

June 28, 2018

Thought it was about time I shared about my sister and I’s trip to L.A. last June. Yup, it’s been over a year oopsie! Okay, so this trip was fairly last minute since we had just planned it about a month prior. Since I had just graduated a few days before it was time to fly on over there I couldn’t have more more excited. That plus the fact that I was visiting one of my favourite people ever, my Aunt A!


Once we landed, the airport in itself was an experience with all the hub bub and realizing that A. we were about to see our Aunt and B. so many well known people had been and possibly were in the same place. We took a 20-ish minute drive from LAX into Beverly Hills and toured the streets such as Rodeo Drive. There we had our first meal in California, picked out some macaroons from Laudrée, popped into the Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel and checked some of the deluxe stores B.H. has to offer.


We were surprised to learn that our first night would be spent in The Peninsula Beverly Hills. All three of our obsessions for hotels is real, so this was a total treat and they made sure we had a lovely stay. My review can be read here. We hung out there for a bit to catch up, then got ready for one of the coolest experiences. That night we attended a show at the Hollywood Bowl to watch The Sound of Music. After finally finding a place to park, we made our way to find the box area where we had seats. Earlier in the day we had picked up some goodies for a little picnic setup. It was such an iconic and captivating time filled with a feeling of wholeness within the crowd and an absolutely delightful atmosphere. I was able to find a post from someone else who attended this event so feel free to read more about it here. Awestruck and sleepy from the eventful day, we retreated back to the hotel and had a super comfy sleep!


Thanks for “following along” with our first day. If you wanted to read about the other five days of our trip, I will add links below as they are writen 🙂 . Sending love around the world,

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