Driving Lesson 1

January 27, 2016

As per normal, the day came for my first lesson and I second guessed myself thinking that I had got the days mixed up. Mid-afternoon I met my instructor and went over the basics with him.

Since they have absolutely no history with whoever is driving, no one’s allowed to drive from the initial location. Ok yes obviously. But still, I thought I’d state the obvious. On the way to a quiet parking lot, there were simple knowledge questions asked and a few manoeuvers were demonstrated. There are 4 habits with numerous sub habits which were taught in the classroom and those will be continuously brought up throughout all the lessons.

I found out very soon how chatty the instructor is. I’m not sure if all instructors are like this, but my instructor turns into a robot in a  moments notice. Sputtering out tips and talking as if he’s reading a manual. We entered a quiet neighborhood where I was shown how to do proper right and left hand turns . A quick fact I learned was that you need to use a signal when driving in a cul-de-sac. Were you aware of that?

When we finally entered the parking lot, the car was parked and we went over the parts in the car… lights, heater, horn, wipers, gauges, gears, etc.. As a side note, keep in mind that I’ve driven for at least 10 hours prior. Finally he asked me to move to the drivers seat. Except before that, he mentioned how so many teenagers put their seatbelt on weird. Have you ever caught yourself pulling the belt behind you and back in front? If not pay attention next time you’re buckling up? It’s simple right? Just pull the seat belt out and over the shoulder. Anyway, after doing a thorough circle check, I practiced the basics of hand over hand steering. Yes, he legit put tape on the steering feeling for proper hand placement. Didn’t I mentioned.. this is serious stuff!

Spending about 45 minutes in the parking lot practicing steering and reversing and reverse steering, I was told to drive home. Personally it wasn’t anything new considering I’ve had hours in the car prior. The way home wasn’t as smooth as usual since I was concentrating on making sure there weren’t errors with my steering. Of course there was, yes after all that parking lot practice.

All in all though, for someone who’s already driven, this first lesson definitely isn’t the most exciting. However, it is good basic review. Trust me though, the second lesson has things to be taught. That’s the extent to the simplicity of that lesson.

I’ve already partaken in the second lesson (I’m a little behind in posts), but tomorrow is my third lesson. I’ll be sure to get these last two posts up as quickly as possible.

Sending love around the world,


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