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Hotel Belmont Review

February 15, 2020

“The Party Hotel”. Vancouver’s most modern, hype and aesthetic hotel.

1 night, two double beds, for my sister’s birthday weekend

As per usual, here’s the scoop, real & honest, sometimes petty and always personalized.

A big reason for booking this hotel was because of the way it was advertised online. The way its targeted towards a younger, spunkier crowd through the bright coloured pictures and fun décor is great marketing. However, they do not just provide a place to stay, but an experience. For anyone looking for a little extra pizzazz for your accommodation, continue reading to see if it’s right for you. They practically promise a good time. So that drew me in. The opinions are all my own and I am neither affiliated with this hotel or sponsorsed.

Prior to arriving, I was concerned about parking because it’s right downtown (always collect information like this before, a big duh for me!). So the parking situation, you can get an outdoor parking pass for just over $30 or go to a locked-up parkade a block away for less than $30.

The entrance is chic and welcoming; however, it has limited accessibility in regard to immediate stairs. The staff were friendly upfront as were the waitresses (we had no problem switching spots for more table space).

When we walked into the room it was modern and stylish. The room doesn’t feel too crowded considering it’s tighter quarters. Both beds were comfortable, there was natural light coming from the windows but also curtains that black out all city lights.

There was an easy to control tablet with access to the downstairs menu, photos to adorn the wall and an adorable bathroom. Unfortunately, there is no fridge in the room, the overall lighting (especially for getting dolled up) isn’t ideal and the quiet time was early, 10 pm. The club downstairs closes at 3 AM, therefore the leniency for noise for a “party” hotel. We got a knock on the door, yes it was late, advising us that there were multiple noise complaints. I respect that, however we arrived at 1:30 am before the club closed, it was a Friday night, we were just talking and the floor was still vibrating from the basement club.

Speaking of which, the Basement was fun. I have been to a good chunk of the clubs downtown and this would be among my favourites. Being a newer setup makes the place a nice venue, the neon signs give it a cool vibe and overall the atmosphere was better than some other places. Although the drinks were fairly expensive, the ambience and music made up for it. Of course, the people you go out with always make a big difference, I love my gang! Also, the crowd is also a make or break for a good night and for the most part, the people attracted to this location seemed a little more hmmm cultivated, for lack of a better term.

In the morning, the price included a continental breakfast with all the goods needed after a late night. We walked our plates over to a cozy part of the Living Room to enjoy our food and a nice chat before heading out.

Whether you’re staying at a hotel for the first time with friends or just wanting to be right near the hub-bub this is a great hotel for you! Split the cost with your friends & this hotel allows for a cheaper stay and a safer way to go out.

Sending love around the world,


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      Thank you!! Such a fun dance night 🙂

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