Hopping into Rivers With Horses

May 3, 2016


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As I mentioned on social media early today, I was fortunate to join a trail ride with some family members today. The weather was beautiful (30 degrees!), the scenery was amazing & the company was lovely. Personally I really enjoyed it because

  1. I haven’t ridden a horse for at least a year & missed it
  2. I’ve always wanted to ride through a creek/river and that was accomplished today

Have you ever heard of Icelandic Horses? If not click here because you have to see how cute they are! Also, I learned today that, although they look like ponies (most under 14 hands), people have fought for the right to classify them as horses!

A few last comments I have include how nice the owners/trail guides are. After being out for two hours it seemed as if we had known them for awhile. Honestly, I think many horse people are overall really great people. And lastly, if you’ve ridden before, but never through water, I’d highly recommend it. Especially on a nice day out because it’s a whole different experience. Just be careful they don’t trip or you don’t follow someone into the deep section like I did!!

That’s it for today’s experience though. A quick update, I’m going to be publishing a custom signature post within the next few days and I’ll be making on for my blog. Just keep an eye on my Instagram and twitter for updates!

Sending love around the world,

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