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Four Seasons Hotel Review

April 26, 2016

This weekend, I was lucky enough to spend with my Aunt and sister in Four Seasons Hotel. After our last visit together, we thought it was necessary to come up with yet again another hotel review. Four Seasons is a Canadian chain founded in 1961 and it’s rated five stars across the board.

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Our first impression upon walking through the doors was the spacious room before us. The room we stayed in had two full bathrooms, enough room to perform cartwheels and included two fairly large closets with lights. The suite is in a private corner which was the only one with a doorbell, but there’s no doormat to go with it. However, the gift basket  left on the bed was appreciated and a kind gesture from the hotel.


Something that bothered me was the lack of interior design and layout plan. Firstly, it is smart to include “her and him” bathrooms but the showers are two in one and there was no separate area for the toilet. The sinks are also kind of low, but it was a nice gesture when house cleaning organized the makeup spread out around them. Unfortunately with the nice gesture also came an invasion of privacy by touching our personal items. A few last comments on the bathroom are that it is smart to put a phone by the toilet (where’s the doggie door to throw in toilet paper??) and there are no drawers.


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Back to room design, there was no style (unappealing lamps, curtains, pillows & red walls that are inconsistent to the rest of the suite colors). Although there were two televisions, the one in the living room was too small for the room. Then, near the door there was one bench which was super helpful, but the room could’ve done with one more. The overall scale of the room isn’t proportionate however the comfortable beds did make up for that. As did the room service for both us and the dog, the beautiful French doors into the master (even they brought a lack of privacy) and the comfy robes/slippers. Another unfortaunte thing is that the walls aren’t very soundproof so the dog was upset by the hallway noises, there isn’t a clock in the living room and there was way too much alcohol in the fridge. Notice how there isn’t any greenery shown in any of these room pictures.. that doesn’t help with the coziness factor.


If this picture was taken from a different angle, you’d be able to see a mountain view from the window. However, you’re also able to see that there isn’t a lot of privacy if the curtains aren’t closed. With the view overlooking the pool deck underneath, it would’ve been nice if there was a deck. We also noticed that there isn’t any emergency exit or sprinklers in case of a fire. It also would’ve been nice if there was an entrance for say.. something like a piano (but that’s a whole other story!).


As for the actual hotel, it is located in a prime location near Gastown, Stanley Park, Granwille Island and many stores along the street. There’s also direct mall access to the CF Pacific Centre which has over 90 stores and restaurants. On of the lower floors, there’s a Health Centre with a beautiful pool (inside & outside), a decent sized gym and a bar on the pool deck. Just a few steps out the Health Centre door there’s an outdoor deck with pool chairs, a pretty garden and mini waterfall.



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When we were touring the place, we realized that the hallways are brightly light, but they are Grouse Mountain temperature. We also observed a food cart that had been waiting outside a room for 3+ hours even though housekeeping/room service had been walking down that hallway. While outside the room we enjoyed a fancy dinner with great food and lovely waiters. It was also polite of the manager to introduce himself, however as friendly as he was, there was a lack of professionalism. Upon re-entering the room, the lamps were easy to turn on although the movies aren’t very realistic and there a limited selection. It was handy to be able to charge our phones with the numerous outlets spread throughout the room.


The stationery in the desk drawers includes cheap pens that look malnourished, envelopes that don’t fit the cards and the actual cards look as if they’ve been shredded on one side. Other things in the desk included pamphlets that were quite unattractive, however there were papers that included helpful information for tourists.  There were greeting cards, although they were unfortunately it was addressed with the wrong title (Mr. instead of Ms.). Speaking of paper, there are no recycling bins to be seen even though they propose to be eco-friendly.



Finally, there’s a few final observations/notes that have to be shared. The final downsides were that there were too many children running (and jumping off couches) and they only put one name on the birthday cake (there’s three of us!). They also missed out on a branding opportunities such as not taking advantage of putting the hotel name or logo on coasters. Overall, we did appreciate the helpful staff, the welcoming atmosphere and how it is dog friendly. All in all, we had a lovely stay and would rate the Four Seasons in Vancouver a 6/10.

Thank you for opening your eyes and “ears” up to our personal and very descriptive hotel review. We look forward to writing another one in the future. Make sure to check out the one from last year……Click here.

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