Five Things That Make Me Happy :)

March 9, 2016

Over the past few weeks, I’ve got the opportunity to socialize with so many amazing young (teenage) bloggers! One of them is Brittany who I’ve actually been communicating with for quite some time now. She’s a really good internet friend, I think that’s the terminology??!! She’s such a talented blogger and always has polished posts up on her blog! She is the owner of Brittany Fenton Blogspot. We thought it’s been awhile since we last collabed, where you can find here and here, so we decided to do another!

Happiness can be triggered by many different things and these are the things that make me the most happy.

Anything outdoors

When it comes to finding a niche for a positive mood, you could find me outside. Whether it be sitting on the front porch looking at the mountains, walking/ hiking through trails, on a boat doing water sports or even doing light yard work, my mood is 100% better. People say there’s something about being in nature that makes you happy, but I think it’s everything. Everything from the smell, to sound, to sun on my back or wind in my hair.

A clear mind

This goes hand in hand with being outside since being apart of nature is one factor of a clear mind. However, a clear mind can technically be different for everyone. Whatever it means to you, a clear mind let’s you think properly and enjoy life just that much more. For me, my mood is never perfect when I have to “not forget” about something, or have a huge list of to do’s or everything is mumble jumbled in my brain. Take time to do something that you enjoy as much as possible!

Extra-curricular (s)

Clearing your mind by doing something you enjoy brings me into my third “happiness factor”.  Taking time for yourself is one of the many ways to lead a healthy lifestyle. Personally, I’m involved with a community soccer team and that adds the extra little happiness into my week. Signing up to do something you love is great because of the people you meet and the feeling of success when you achieve something. Just today, I played a soccer game on the school team and winning brought a rush of excitement 🙂 Extra-curricular (s), I believe, can also include reading a writing (two of my other favorite things). Getting out all my emotions and thoughts on paper clears my mind which makes me in a much better mood!

Self Care

Now, this one sounds slightly similar to Brittany’s “Yourself” factor, however she means, well I’ll let you read it! But, I mean things like eating right or sleeping enough. Now I could go into a spiel about living a healthy lifestyle, etc, etc. but you can go to Kayla Itsine’s page for that (super inspirational fitness trainer and motivator). However, sometimes it’s easy to run out of time for things like breakfast, or staying up too late or not stretching (in general or after sports). The thing is, your body is all you have and it responds to how you treat it. Like today at my game, I hadn’t had a proper breakfast so that impacted my performance. Or in class when I start to zone out because I just had to stay up…. blogging!!!! For real though, a happy but makes for a happy mind.

Little Things

If someone gives you a nice comment, you smile and feel a little happiness inside even after the possible initial “oh stop it!” moment right? Exactly! Pleasures and joy don’t have to come with all the bells and whistles. Simply helping someone out makes me feel better, or someone saying something funny and laughing. I feel like many people (myself included) forget to acknowledged these simple delights or even partake in a positive act that’ll break both yourself and others happiness.

Those are just a few things that make me feel happy inside and put a smile to my face! Make sure to check out Brittany’s post here. Thank you for reading and I encourage you to share things that make you happy! I’d love to hear! As well, never feel discouraged to interact with me on any of my social media platforms, I can’t stress enough how much I enjoy chatting with everyone!

Sending love around the world,

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