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EXchange Hotel Vancouver Review

August 2, 2020

Here we are on this lovely last day of the long weekend in BC , I’m having the most low-key weekend (can’t remember the last time I’ve had that!!) and absolutely loving it. It’s been over a week since my stay at the EXchange Hotel in Vancouver and thought what better time than now to share about it.

Last Saturday, was a birthday weekend for one of my best friends. We stayed in the superior room with two queen beds. I have to say this is probably one of my favorite hotels downtown so far! As soon as we walked in I was immediately impressed with the modern technology and detail. The gentleman at the front desk was friendly and helpful. We were asked if we already have a room number and were directed to the second floor to check in. Before entering the elevators you type in the floor number and that elevator brings you to that specific floor.

This is a boutique hotel and only two years old. With that said, everything about this hotel is very modern.

Lets talk about the room, in short, I thought it was great (and so did my friends). Usually I’ll sit and nit pick hotels for the sole purpose of entertainment. Honestly though, the EXchange made it difficult to call out on small things since they paid attention to detail. This is a huge thing I look for when searching for accommodations, aside from good service, location and cleanliness of course! But I have to have my fun so I will point out the odd decor piece to the side of the desk… two bison (I think) on what looked to be on a seesaw!! There was also some random useless space on either side of the wall length window.

Aside from that, the bathroom was spacious with a huge shower and great lighting, there was an open rack closet with drawers (unique, I like it), another sink in the main room, a couch (deluxe rooms don’t get this area) with a decorative “table”, funky wallpaper, a spacious desk and the windows were lovely for natural light.

Now, if you’re looking for the full amenities, this hotel cannot provide that. Due to covid and limited time I wasn’t able to fully adventure around the hotel. However, as seen on their website there is a fully equipped gym (with new technology and different equipment) but there is no pool and other amenities you’d find in other hotels. As for the food, the dining room looks gorgeous but once again I can’t give a personal opinion on anything else and I don’t believe the cafe was open while I was there.

That night we went to gas town for dinner then to Colony to hangout. I love girls nights downtown to get into the city and have a little staycation.

If you’re looking for an aesthetic, modern hotel with friendly staff then I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this hotel.

Thank you for reading. Sending love around the world,


P.S. As per usual, I have no affiliation with the hotel and have not been paid in anyway to speak about it (ugh I wish!). I honestly just love sharing my experiences. Have a lovely week!

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