Closet Therapy

November 11, 2017

When was the last time your closet was given some good old TLC? Have there been times when you’ve cringed at the thought of looking inside? …Or memories of  chucking things inside your closet to keep your room “clean” haunt you? If this is all too real, then join the band wagon. But don’t get too comfy because it’s time to jump off and get er done.

Potentially the most important first step to achieving a satisfying wardrobe is ensuring that each piece is something you like and wear. Otherwise, for the most part, it’s a waste of time to rearrange clothing that isn’t worn. Of course there can be a few exceptions, but functionality is key.

Some suggestions that can be taken  include the following:


  • You don’t need to splurge on brand new ones, however it could be a nice touch. If not, keep this in mind…
    • Although a uniform look is pleasing to the eye, it is not necessary for each to be the same
    • (whites, pales, etc.) hangers for lighter clothes and (blacks, greys, navy, etc.)  for darker clothes work
    • If all you can muster are the clear ones that came with purchases, you can simply remove the bright coloured plastic nub leaving a clear hanger for use


  • Using a hanging organizer or rack keeps pairs together & looks neat. It is much easier than trying to find the other match when you’re  running late in the morning (totally not like me!).
  • If you own knee high boots but they look particularly sad when they aren’t worn, toss some paper towel in them so they can stand on their own. This also prevents them from creasing.

Storage Bins:

  • Throughout the years things tend to be collected and it might be typical to see odds and ends strewn about your closet. This is where it’s necessary to be proactive.
    • Spending money is not the point of this post and if you know me, it’s common to here the words “sale” and “deal”. So for pete’s sake don’t spend a fortune on this. If you can’t find anything, browse Marketplace or Craigslist.
    • I happened to find three wicker baskets laying around home. Hint, look around home before spending money!
    • Use something that is sensible for your situation, if space is limited or belongings cannot be sized down for the time being, use bins with more depth.
    • Instead of simply having my lower bins sitting on the floor, I opted for a stand. Something I yet again found at home.

Aesthetically Appealing

  • Although my purse perched atop the stand can be seen as show, in reality I see it as an efficient way to grab it and dash for the door.
  • If you don’t use a purse, putting a gym bag there can be a good option as well.
  • Bunching similar coloured clothing can draw the eye in, but at the same time, that shouldn’t be a guideline or barrier
  • The birdcage candle holders, specifically placed by my mom’s suggestion, add a personal and stylish touch and the candles (fake!) give a peaceful aura. Can you think of a signature closet décor item?
    • This isn’t a super efficient use of room, but prevents clutter.


  • Honestly, it’s a closet so things will not  be neat 24/7.  Life can get in the way and constant closet upkeep is not at everyone’s top of the list. I assure you though, taking time every once in awhile to go through clothes and anything else kept in that space gives a freeing feeling.
  • Below are numerous pieces that were not included in the previous pictures.
  • Yes, I own random bright clothing, need to throw my soccer bag somewhere, have funky patterned bags and cheap hangers
  • All these things will end up in my closet showing that it is possible to have an organized closet full of stuff (I too still need to work on sizing down), still being practical and even looking decent regardless of the mismatch. That’s the fun of it!

As you can see, my closet certainly isn’t super picturesque but it’s something that I can personally pride myself in. A quick search of Pinterest can display beautiful looking closets that have all the aesthetic appeal. For me, personally it wouldn’t be practical and I certainly don’t focus my style on a few specific colours.

I don’t think it’d be beneficial to present a non-realistic closet or give you a format that you’d feel the need to essential copy. Closets are personal and you should put your own spin on it. Simply with some time, imagination and inspiration it can be more than space behind doors.

Sending love around the world,


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