Cinderella on a Budget

May 5, 2018

*Disclaimer: within this post there will be multiple companies mentioned but it is in no way sponsored, these are places on the top of my must list*

The night of your life. Or so it seems. There are many thoughts on prom, but one thing most people can agree on is that it’s a well deserved celebratory night but it isn’t the end all be all. However I’m not here to paint the night before your eyes nor lower or higher any expectations. Since prom is very quickly approaching, I wanted to throw in my two cents for anyone who may be curious!

The Dress:

When you think of prom, usually the ultimate picture of your favourite gown comes to mind. It can come with dollar bills showering over it or with a halo of gratitude. Yes, were you aware that it’s possible to purchase a practically new dress for a fraction of the cost? Now I’m not trying to sound like a salesperson here but we all know grad year can get pricey. Anyone that knows me is aware that I thrive on deal shopping. So of course I did my research and came up with the Dressy Attic. The owner is absolutely amazing & the overall buying experience is very pleasant. If ordering online, please make sure to do so in a timely fashion, not only since it might not turn out like the pictures, but for alterations.

The Shoes & Clutch

Ensure that you have a clutch to hold any valuables or touch-up items. Personally I didn’t put a ton in mine except for my phone, portable charger (which I didn’t use, remember the memories!) and a lipstick. If you have falsies on, a lot of girls found it very useful to toss in some eyelash glue. As well, if there’s room, a few blotting sheets might be nice considering all the dancing that goes on.

Here’s the debate, heels or flats. Heels that you already know you regret or will regret if you are trying convince yourself you won’t. Or flat shoes that will be comfortable and great for dancing in but won’t make the cut for pictures. Honestly, go for comfort. Anyone who wore heels ended up taking them off, or got them just for pictures and changed. To me, that was not cutting my budget therefore I went for a pair of wedges that I can not only re-wear, but I wore them all night. Make sure you test them out in the store and make sure you can move around, otherwise they will be coming off at some point.

Pre-Game Day

Personally, my skin tends to break out a lot, therefore that whole week I took extra care to stay away from sugar and drink lots of water. Not only did I feel glowy the day of, but also more confident. The majority of us can find it relatable to walk out of the house, from hibernating in hoodies all winter long, to display untouched, pale skin to the world. Of course, with all the pictures, a spray tan sounded like the perfect ( yes I know, another cost!) option. Prior to prom, I did a trial run & loved the results after visiting Perfect Tan. Once again, this isn’t sponsored however I have went back multiple times and would recommend. For all appointments that you intend on making please remember to book in advance to ensure you get the place you want!

The Hair:

This section was probably one of my favourite parts. Since I ended up chopping most of it off the month after, I knew this was going to be one of the last occasions to take advantage of the length. I opted for a simple hairstyle, yet I was completely in love. I was beyond lucky to have the owner do my hair, however I have talked to and have my hair styled by the other stylists in there and they are awesome! The place was Ambiance Salon in Chilliwack where I also got it chopped. As you can see, I totally trust them and the results do that just. Not only that but between hair and makeup, as I talk about below, both gone done within the time crunch. Honestly, the fastest I’ve seen someone curl that length and thickness of hair. A regular braid was added to the look to get hair off my face and a little gem attached to the pony finished the look. There are a ton of different styles though and the best is to go with something that will hold, be comfortable and not get in the way.


The Make-Up:

My makeup was done at the same place as hair. Personally, I would have preferred a slightly different look, but I did really like my base. The lady airbrushed my foundation which turned out smooth & even looking as well as complimenting my tan. This technique feels light opposed to a cakey feeling and has a good coverage. Regardless of where you go, I suggest knowing what you want. Keep in mind, a natural look can go a long way!

The Nails:

Okay so we did splurge on my nails. If you have decent nails and can paint them fairly well yourself then this might not be something you wish to spend money on. For me, mine are short, short as in the lady in the salon kept going on about it. So yes, I got acrylics and absolutely loved them. Here’s the thing, you have to go to the right place to ensure they are done properly and need to be careful when removing them. Also know the shape that you want. I got mine done twice and the first time I was able to remove them with little damage to my nails. However the second time, I had to be more careful and they weren’t as strong underneath. There’s always the option to go back into the salon and get a professional to remove them. For reference, I went to Luv Nails (at the High Street location) , regardless of any reviews after going there twice I would go again. JJ Nails was also quite popular for numerous girls.


Personal Summary:

13 years. That’s how many years you have been in school if you were in kindergarten. That is a lot, like a lot of time. Prom night is one of the last nights to celebrate all the work you have put in and how far you have come. Time to celebrate with all those you have grown up with, or if it is a new school those you have met. Or maybe even talk to people you never have, compliment how someone else looks, or compare high school stories and hardships. It is fun, I danced, ALOT, and no I am not good what so ever. We had top songs from each year since our birth year, ’99, and it was a time to let loose and enjoy a glamorous night. Wrap up all those times spent in a classroom, early mornings dragging yourself out of bed or long days staying after school to rewrite tests. But as you must have heard, prom isn’t the end all be all, it really doesn’t matter if you spent the most money or have the best date. Most people go with friends and a lot of people will tell you that they regret spending so much money. Post-prom, go celebrate (safely)! My prom night, I went to a bonfire, the closest I had got to a high school party and honestly, I would have rather celebrated with friends doing something else. However that is my personal experience, do whatever makes you comfortable and sounds like the perfect end to your night.


Here’s some pictures my girl Kristi graciously took for us (she no longer lives in Vancouver, but I would totally recommend checking out her work), also thanks to Ambaince, Luv Nails, The Dressy Attic & my mom for all the running around she did!

See Kristi’s site here:


Hope this helped or at least gave you an insight! If you have any questions or want to know more about budgets/costs please feel free to leave a comment or email me!

Sending love around the world,


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