A Twist of Events

July 3, 2018

Yesterday my sister and I had it all planned out that we were to visit the lavender fields. Since I managed to look at the wrong opening dates, we decided to reroute our day. It started off by us already being in a beautiful area. We decided to spend some time soaking in the sun, farm fresh air and snaps some pictures. Then, we toured around the country roads, reliving our childhood a bit, then ended up stopping at a park to walk the trails. Our final destination was under the Mission bridge since my sister had never walked around the Matsqui area before. My point here is, when plans change, you can either retreat back home or make better ones.


Outfit details

Jumper: Winners (For my nineteenth, my best friend gifted me this jumpsuit, thoughtfully knowing that I had one on a wish list, & has told                   me since that she can’t find another quite like it!)

Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger (One of the best purchases my mom made for me! Not only was it on for an extremely good deal, but has some                        unique aspects such as the little studs, large inside pockets and detachable fur collar.) similar here

Black boots: Urban Planet similar here

Rubber boots: Urban Outfitters similar here

Necklace: Kitsch Charm Jewelry (I’ve been wearing this one for the past couple months!)

……A reminder that this is not sponsored, I just like to share details and brands that I like…..


Sending love around the world,

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    July 23, 2018 at 1:22 am

    Hey Taylor! I like the detachable fur bit on the Tommy Hilfiger jacket too, the jacket looks great with the jumper! Your best friend is so sweet to gift it to you. <3

    Also, I've nominated you and your blog for the Mystery Blogger Award, and I hope that you'll write a blog post answering the 5 questions. See the end of my post “Mystery Blogger Award” for details! 🙂


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      July 23, 2018 at 8:10 pm

      Hey Anna, thank you and yes it’s so handy for changing seasons! Thank you again and I’ll start working on that 🙂

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