A little piece of my writing (sonnet style)

March 30, 2016

For the past few months, I’ve been learning about Shakespearean sonnets in English class. These type of sonnets aren’t my personal favorite, but after writing one myself I have a better understanding for it.

In order to get a just of how these sonnets are written here are a few guidelines that are followed:

  • 14 lines
  • 3 quatrains  & a couplet at the end
  • iambic pentameter (every syllable has repeated stress and non-stress)
  • with iambic pentameter there are 10 syllables per line
  • the rhyme scheme is → ABAB CDCD EFEF GG

Despondent Mind

Quietly sedentary in a world

Rummaging through a mind packed like suitcases

A sole target with daggers being hurled

No safe zone if by thy self of all places

Losing thyself in the noise of today

Looking for affirmation through social media

Hush any query with a smile and “okay”

No more than a weed grown by Dea Dia

Pick thyself up from the impeding trance

The heart can be stitched like a pair of jeans

Repress the urge for social acceptance

Mend thy mind of wrongs brought upon by teens

And if thy shadows once more bring some pain

Remember thy strength and throw out a chain

As a quick note, I’m aware this poem is very somber and I wanted to let it be known that the thoughts included don’t represent my current state of mind. It’s written from a completely different perspective and I was writing from a certain mood. Regardless, I’m happy to share my writing with you who graciously reads it.

Sending love around the world,


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