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  • Little House on the Prairie Inspired

    Little House on the Prairie Inspired
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    Hotel Belmont Review
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    Sutton Hotel

10 Things I Learned Working In An Office

****Post from this last summer (2016)**** At the beginning of my holidays I was hired as a summer assistant. Along the way I not only gained lots of experience but I learned many things as well. For anyone interested in working in an office, or simply curious….             I learned…….   Paying attention, not only is logical when dealing with important papers,… View Post

Spare of the Moment Let Loose Feelings

*Quick note, I wrote this last night at around probably 11, it’s raw writing. Unedited, written when I was energized and hopefully refreshing!*   Let loose! Honestly who came up with that term? But regardless everyone has to do something to that effect every once in awhile. It’s another one of those Thursday’s. You know the ones where it’s so… View Post


*Note: this is not an ad for a pad commercial!!!* Hello hello hello! Back at it again with blogging. It’s finally summer now, meaning the creativity can flow and the sharing of great ideas with other bloggers can commence! So a few months ago I was chatting with Amelia from and we wanted to share something a little uplifting. Throughout… View Post

Happy June!

  In honour of the first day of June, I thought I’d share yesterday’s outfit. Can’t believe there’s only one more year before I’m graduating!! Hope June continues to bring nice whether so we can get out on the water. Lately I have been chatting with quite a few bloggers and we have some exciting new posts to be published… View Post

Cute Crepes You Must Cook

Last weekend it was time to crack down and do that French project. Usually I’m one to procrastinate, but this happens to be a cooking project.. WITH a partner. Now, partners & projects can be the best combination or the absolute worst. But wait, you didn’t click on this post to read any school rants. Since the food item for… View Post

A New Door into the Blogging Community

Just the other day I was chatting with a group of bloggers who mentioned Blog Lovin. I was quite curious and decided to check it out! With that said, I thought it was such a great idea for this new (for me anyway!) social media for bloggers!! So excited to meet more of you and read new blogs as well… View Post

First but not first Road Trip

My past few post titles have made zero sense lately, but I’m trying to make them sound more exciting. Key word trying! With that said, on Saturday my dad, sister & I went on a road trip… except I was the one in the driver’s seat. Now I have five more hours under my belt and tuned up for my test… View Post

Someone took over my blog??

  As many of you may know, I’ve almost had my blog for two years however I’m still learning new things everyday. Now that my aunt gracially set me up with a custom domain, I figure it’s about time that I had a signature after every post. Thanks to the site, Massive Sway, now I’m able to share this for all you… View Post

Current Outfit Inspirations

Although it’s Spring and we’ve got some nice weather, there’ still been some cold and rainy days. With that said, there’s been a few different clothing pieces as well as accessories that I thought I’d share. Plus I thought I’d sneak a post into the beginning of the week! Crocheted buttoned half sleeve: Hollister Short Sleeve long throw over:  Joe Fresh… View Post

Hopping into Rivers With Horses

       As I mentioned on social media early today, I was fortunate to join a trail ride with some family members today. The weather was beautiful (30 degrees!), the scenery was amazing & the company was lovely. Personally I really enjoyed it because I haven’t ridden a horse for at least a year & missed it I’ve always wanted… View Post

Four Seasons Hotel Review

This weekend, I was lucky enough to spend with my Aunt and sister in Four Seasons Hotel. After our last visit together, we thought it was necessary to come up with yet again another hotel review. Four Seasons is a Canadian chain founded in 1961 and it’s rated five stars across the board. If you like reading the reviews about… View Post