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    Lake Whatcom AirBNB
  • The Mystery Blogger Award

    The Mystery Blogger Award
  • MAT Trip 2017: Third Day at Warner Bros

    MAT Trip 2017: Third Day at Warner Bros
  • Plain Jain Black Tee

    Plain Jain Black Tee
  • Skipping through mini suns

    Skipping through mini suns

High school. The two words that bring happiness or the complete polar opposite. Four years of life spent in this one place and the only thing that makes or breaks the experience is attitude. Online it seems like there’s an unlimited number of bloggers. Although this number has increased over the years, looking at the globe as a whole, there… View Post

A thousand hellos to everyone! This is probably going to be my second to last driving lesson post as it’s starting to be wrapped up. I decided to throw these two lessons together because they both include some exciting new things. Since I wasn’t able to write down every single detail from both these lessons, I’ve decided that I’ll give… View Post

Outfit #1: Casual but classy  Pink flowy tank: American Eagle Jacket: Urban Planet   Outfit #2: Walk Along the Beach Floral maxi: Chabe’s Hat: gift unknown Sandals: Nine West The day that everyone either loves or hates is right around the corner. Some people spend time to careful plan out their special day…then there’s some of us who would rather… View Post

Happy new year to all who read everything or anything that I post to Lifetime2Inspire! At some point I’d like to reminisce on 2016 and post  my resolutions. Mostly because I think of this site as a place to put my thoughts into writing, share with others and just have a record that I can personally reflect on. 

4.5/5 stars Unlike some of the other hotels I’ve stayed at downtown, I didn’t get a chance to fully explore the Sheraton. My stay consisted of two nights both of which were enjoyable. Upon arriving it was a quick check in and the room was easy to find. Unfortunately the first room we entered did not meet our expectations therefore… View Post

Who do you call on when stress is kicking down the door, the creativity of blog posts is as basic as a 14 on the pH scale and a good laugh is in need? Well, bloggers friends of course! Fortunately, I was finally able to meet up with the cutest blogging trio today ~Marley, Vienna & Rebecca. Reaching out to… View Post

****Post from this last summer (2016)**** At the beginning of my holidays I was hired as a summer assistant. Along the way I not only gained lots of experience but I learned many things as well. For anyone interested in working in an office, or simply curious….             I learned…….   Paying attention, not only is logical when dealing with important papers,… View Post

*Quick note, I wrote this last night at around probably 11, it’s raw writing. Unedited, written when I was energized and hopefully refreshing!*   Let loose! Honestly who came up with that term? But regardless everyone has to do something to that effect every once in awhile. It’s another one of those Thursday’s. You know the ones where it’s so… View Post

*Note: this is not an ad for a pad commercial!!!* Hello hello hello! Back at it again with blogging. It’s finally summer now, meaning the creativity can flow and the sharing of great ideas with other bloggers can commence! So a few months ago I was chatting with Amelia from and we wanted to share something a little uplifting. Throughout… View Post

  In honour of the first day of June, I thought I’d share yesterday’s outfit. Can’t believe there’s only one more year before I’m graduating!! Hope June continues to bring nice whether so we can get out on the water. Lately I have been chatting with quite a few bloggers and we have some exciting new posts to be published… View Post

Last weekend it was time to crack down and do that French project. Usually I’m one to procrastinate, but this happens to be a cooking project.. WITH a partner. Now, partners & projects can be the best combination or the absolute worst. But wait, you didn’t click on this post to read any school rants. Since the food item for… View Post

Just the other day I was chatting with a group of bloggers who mentioned Blog Lovin. I was quite curious and decided to check it out! With that said, I thought it was such a great idea for this new (for me anyway!) social media for bloggers!! So excited to meet more of you and read new blogs as well… View Post