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    Social Survey: What Makes You Happy?
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In late spring I went on a hike with my sister and bestie to Lindeman Lake. For anyone local here in the Fraser Valley, it is a common place to go and if you haven’t already, I would recommend.

*Disclaimer: within this post there will be multiple companies mentioned but it is in no way sponsored, these are places on the top of my must list* The night of your life. Or so it seems. There are many thoughts on prom, but one thing most people can agree on is that it’s a well deserved celebratory night but it… View Post

It has almost been two weeks since I turned nineteen, which in B.C., Canada is officially an adult. How does it feel to be an adult? Great, any other exuberant word would not be fitting for this answer as this is just a number. Ever since I have been young, becoming “of age” was some sort of fantasy that I destined for a huge ridiculous Hollywood style party… View Post

  Firstly, happy international women’s day to all you amazing ladies around the globe! Cheers to girls being able to do everything guys can and vice versa, keep being intelligent, beautiful and powerful women. A couple of my favourite girls joined me on the weekend for a spontaneous (check the title!) drive to Cultus Lake. We were able to make… View Post

When was the last time your closet was given some good old TLC? Have there been times when you’ve cringed at the thought of looking inside? …Or memories of  chucking things inside your closet to keep your room “clean” haunt you? If this is all too real, then join the band wagon. But don’t get too comfy because it’s time to… View Post

In Canada, last Monday was Thanksgiving and it was such a lovely time to catch up with family and friends. This week I’ll be sure to share a post reflecting on more, however aside from Friday spent with some of the sweetest girls, I got the opportunity to kick off Saturday with fall festivities. A good friend of mine was… View Post

  Over the past month, I have been swooning over all the innovative and fantabulous designs that have graced the runways whether it be at this year’s New York Fashion Week or the recent Paris Fashion Week.

A little over a week from now my sister and I were spoiled teenagers and lived an absolute California dream. That’s right, instead of our Aunt flying down to Vancouver, we took a trip to LA the land of amazingness to experience a new culture and of course for some adventure. Our first night was spent at the Beverly Hills Peninsula… View Post

Before anything, I would just like to express my appreciation for all the sun that British Columbia is finally being blessed with after such a harsh winter. Summer days are feeling more in reach than ever and I could not be more excited. With the sun comes the shorts, tanks, sandals, sunglasses and so many other summery pieces. So guess… View Post

Ever since a month ago, I had been on the lookout for the perfect striped shirt. Not just any, but what I like to call “blogger style”. A friend of mine came shopping with me and can testify that I had a strict stripe criteria.

As with everything else, I procrastinated writing this high school series post. So weird because I used to always get things done…So I’m currently sitting on the couch watching Pelé, which is a great movie, especially for all you soccer fans. Semi-finals are tomorrow and this movie is reminding me that soccer is more than showing up and scoring goals, but it’s also… View Post

How many times have you wandered into a store and something automatically catches your eye? No matter how good your self-control is, this is an item that hands down must be purchased. Now how many times have you relentlessly put that must have item back on the rack because the price is “not gonna happen!”? Good thing there’s places like… View Post