Stripe Obsession

Stripe Obsession

Ever since a month ago, I had been on the lookout for the perfect striped shirt. Not just any, but what I like to call “blogger style”. A friend of mine came shopping with me and can testify that I had a strict stripe criteria.

The hunt started when I was casually browsing The Bay looking at Design Lab’s collection. I have posted this picture a couple times on my Instagram however I also linked it above. This one for sure was way out of my price range however I kept it as a reference!

Shirt link at end of post// Bag from Call It Spring//Shoes from AEO//Jeans from Urban Behaviour

The first long sleeve I tried on was from H&M , I fell in love, but once again did not want to budge my budget.


Link is at the end of post 🙂

After scouring some other stores, I stepped through Old Navy thinking if anything, this would be the place to buy the desired shirt with the right price. Yet again I ended up standing in the change room loving the shirt but not so much the price.


I can’t find this shirt online but I linked another option. Click the picture!


By this point you might think I was being cheap. However, in a second you will see why. Since the stores were not working in my favor, I decided to turn to the internet. Online I lucked out by finding a striped shirt for a very cheap bid. Yup too good to be true…it didn’t fit. Looks like I know the perfect place to bring it in…

Okay, okay so now the place I knew I could count on was none other than Plato’s Closet. I would have gone here first, however I was out of town shopping and hoped the right shirt would have been found. Fortunately Plato’s saved the day and I was not only able to find one striped item, but two others. Each of these three items are pictured above. I am unsure of the brands from the first two items however the last tank top is Calvin Klein. For all three, I paid a total of about $21 which is the same price as I would have paid for just one of the previously mentioned shirts. As well, the striped shirt I bought online can be brought to Plato’s for resale.



If you too are looking for a striped shirt, I hope this helped or at least gave some insight.

Sending love around the world,



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