Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador

How many times have you wandered into a store and something automatically catches your eye? No matter how good your self-control is, this is an item that hands down must be purchased. Now how many times have you relentlessly put that must have item back on the rack because the price is “not gonna happen!”?

Good thing there’s places like Plato’s Closet that have your back. As of early last September, Abbotsford was blessed with the opening of our very own store. Essentially how Plato’s works is, people in the community bring in name brand clothing that is gently used and they get money back. Once on the racks, other people are able to enjoy that item for much less than what they would buy it new in store. The best part is, these clothes have only been worn a handful of times and some still have price tags on them! Who would have thought expensive style could be so affordable.

As of today,  I have the honour of being apart of helping to spread the word about Plato’s Closet, which literally saves your wardrobe. That means that as a brand ambassador there are many more posts to come. However for now I have included an outfit I put together and both pieces were bought from Plato’s.


White detailed top: H & M brand ($7)

Black leather skirt: no tag ($8)

That’s an outfit for only $15!


Black heeled boots: Ardene

Black purse with gold coloured details: Call It Spring

Rose gold watch with white wristband: Fossil

Hope everyone had a great Monday! Also, all opinions included are my own, however posts including items from Plato’s Closet are used to for branding purposes along with my own personal styles to share with you!

Sending love around the world,


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