Valentine’s Day Edition

Outfit #1: Casual but classy 

Pink flowy tank: American Eagle

Jacket: Urban Planet


Outfit #2: Walk Along the Beach

Floral maxi: Chabe’s

Hat: gift unknown

Sandals: Nine West

The day that everyone either loves or hates is right around the corner. Some people spend time to careful plan out their special day…then there’s some of us who would rather stay in and complain to our best friends. Either way why not take a chance and put yourself out there. Or not… Regardless, above are a couple girly outfit ideas. Obviously the dress would be a little outrageous if the snow is knee deep like it is in Vancouver, but if it’s sunny then a maxi would be so cute! During this week I’ll also be pinteresting it up trying to find some recipes to share as well as some crafts/diys!

On the other hand, in the valley we got an overload of snow over the past few days. In fact there’s enough where my school is cancelled. I say hey, more time to catch up on blogging… and a ton of homework yikes!! Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Sending love around the world,

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