7 Emotional Movies (must watch!)

March 21, 2016

Thought I’d share some of my personal favourite movies that are both cute, sad or plain out heart wrenching.


1.  Big Daddy

If you’re looking for a movie with both a super cute kid and super funny guy, this is the one. Watch Sonny (Adam Sandler) raise a child (Sprouse twins!) in an adult environment that’s both sentimental and hilarious. This movie perhaps pulled me in due to the bond between a very immature man and a child who was put in a difficult circumstance.

2. Room

There’s been a huge hype about this movie lately, and it’s definitely a worthwhile one to watch. It shows the reality of events that could potentially take place in everyday life. Follow along with this mother and her boy as he gets to learn the joy of life.

Ma: You’re gonna love it.
Jack: What?
Ma: The world.

This movie shows that change can be hard and you may not want it, even if it’s for the best.

3. 12 Years a Slave

For the longest time I had wanted to watch this movie and I finally had last night. As you may imagine, it was very heavy and really plays on human emotions. The scenes in this movie can be heart wrenching to watch, however it’s a realistic view of history that should be seen. It’s even more upsetting that this has and still does happen in the world. Be prepared to follow this gentleman through a life of hardship, hardships toward both him and many other families.

4. Zoe Gone

Surprisingly this movie isn’t very well known, but I can guarantee some good reviews after watching it. It was only after a sleepover I had with one of my very best friends that I found this movie. Since the girl was around my age at the time, it was something we could connect with (not that either my friend or I have a baby!). As well, the determination of this girl ,who previously was very unhappy with her life as a young mom, is very inspiring. Usually I don’t tear up over movies, but this one definitely had me.

5. Beaches (1988)

In this generation I’m not sure anyone would say they’ve seen or even heard of this movie if I asked. My mom brought it out one day and mentioned that it would be a good movie to watch. At first I was slightly turned off, but something about these two girls’ friendship hooked me. Well from there, you’ll have to figure out how it turns out!!

6. Safe Haven

This picture is the honestly heart of the movie. I’m not sure how many times I’ve re watched this but it’s one that doesn’t get old. The background story of this girl is saddening, but the life she builds up for herself is quite lovely. It’s full of action, mystery, love and a slightly confusing ending (it took me a but to understand it!).

7. Titanic

Quite frankly, there’s not a whole lot I can say about this movie that you haven’t already heard. If you haven’t watched this movie, well (ok come on who hasn’t!!!), then do yourself a favour and watch it. A love so deep worth dieing for. Packed with romance and action that’ll keep you in awe or on the edge of your seat. I’ve watched it with my mom countless times and it’s one that can’t keep you dry eyed.


Next time you have one of those Netflix days (or if it’s every day!), take a look at any that you haven’t seen. I’d love to hear any thoughts from anyone who’s seen one or multiple of these! Get ready with a tissue box in hand and a cozy blanket!

Now for me…off to bed!

Sending love around the world,


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