My Favorite Reads (from the past year)

August 13, 2014

Throughout time, there have been so many great novels and series written for all types of people. Not only do the readers’ judgments on books differ but so do the ideas of the authors. Not only does that give us a wide variety to choose from, but many different creative minds to listen to.

At the beginning of the summer, I was given a stack of books to borrow. Do you know how long it took me to finish them all? Maybe about a week or two. This summer I’ve got so indulged I these books and s few others that they are for sure apart of some of my favorite reads.

Depending on your preferred genre, I can assure all teens that I have chosen a fairly wide variety. If you end up reading any let me know what you think! Note: They aren’t in order and I wrote the mini summaries myself!


2Read Word Nerd before the Reluctant Journal of Henry K Larsen… Ambrose lives with his over protective mother downtown Vancouver and soon befriends the landlord’s son who has an interesting background story


Girls, please don’t shy away from the nook because of the front page! It is a fabulous book about Henry who has a brother with a dark family secret. Like Word Nerd it is also a book about bullying.


The Monument 14 series quickly caught my attention from the first page…… 14 kids are caught in a world disaster and left to fend for themselves in a supermarket (I’ve only read the first book but am looking for Sky On Fire)


This picture was featured on my Instagram 😁 Anyway…. Mallory is sent to boarding school for her own good after she kills her boyfriend. She sees hallucinations and many more events are scattered throughout that help solve the mystery and bring new questions. !Can be scary!


Annie leaves her old life behind to experience the life as a nanny, but it is anything but ordinary….


An emotional novel that keep bringing question upon question… Hannah Baker tells Clay how why she ended her own life through a series of old cassette tapes.

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ABC Family airs the show on TV…. Emma got the raw end of the stick and ended up living with a not so great foster family. She ends up finding her long lost twin sister who was killed. Follow this series to figure out the story of how she was killed.

Reading is super good for the brain and helps your imagination, spelling and sometimes gives an insight on life. They’re so fun to read if you want to escape into some place different and become one with the main character. I feel as if books determine my mood as I have the same emotion as the main character from wherever I left off in the book. Does anyone else have the same dilemma?

My absolute two favorite genres would be action and mystery, especially if they are smoothed together. Oh and autocorrect disagrees that “smoothed” is a word, but just bear with me.

It’s getting late and I’d like to just cuddle up in bed so tootles for now girlies and keep your eyes opened for a possible blog post from Lucia, my guest blogger!

Sending love around the world,

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