December 31, 2019


As the year wraps up, we all start reflecting, reliving, criticizing or boasting about the past 365 days. In retrospect, it’s just a length of time we use to measure everything that has or hasn’t been accomplished within that window. Although resolutions aren’t a bad thing, I believe goals should be ongoing and not produced due to a specific timeline.

I’d like to share what 2019 has meant to me and the current goals I am pursuing into the new year: 

This has been on of my favourite years. That doesn’t mean everything has been perfect, it includes the good and the bad.

My emotions have been all over the place, but amidst the downs, the ups emerged.


My year started with my first night staying downtown and ringing in the new year at a nightclub with my best friend. Celebrated my 20th birthday this year (I freakin love 20’s!). I had my first boyfriend and first meaningful kiss. Went to my first concert…Thomas Rhett was amazing!  I quit a job for the first time. Willingly talked to strangers in public for the first time. Made new friends. Had the most eye opening conversations. Watched my sister go to prom & graduate. Bought tickets last minute, gone on a one day road trip then went to work the next day. Connected with people, lost those connections, made new ones. Went on camping trips & hung out with complete strangers but now have memories for life. I’ve invested my money to make more money. Balanced classes with fun. Took what I learned at work and applied it to my own entrepreneurial endeavours.

 I experienced being love struck for the first time but also experienced my first heartbreak. Learned that people aren’t always what they seem and to be careful who and where you put trust in. I’ve made mistakes and been showed my character flaws. Been difficult to the ones I love and felt the same in return. We all grow, and learn. We can only get better within time. I’ve started to learn where to invest my energy and when to say no. 

A loved one was taken from my family & I’s life. Last stories, laughs and words were shared. Heaven gained the angel that my grandma is, a precious soul. It was her time and she so bravely had the opportunity to say when her time had come. Peacefully. I carry her name within mine and that’s what I’ll bring into the new year and every one after that. 

This year has been very emotional yet heart fulfilling. I’ve met friends I love and learned to not waste my time on people who don’t deserve it. It was a crazy year and mostly non-stop which was tiring yet thrilling. 

So what do I want to work on?

  • Invest more, make more
  • Manage my expectations of people
  • Schedule time in my planner to give back to the community 
  • Being patience with people & learning to communicate feelings instead of bottle them in 
  • Take time to educate myself outside of class work

My current goals to bring into the New Year:

  1. Learn more about sustainable fashion & find an internship within this industry.
  2. Save between $10-20 k for a trailer to do a mobile boutique style business
  3. Finish second year business classes
  4. Buy a sewing machine & teach myself how to sew or start classes
  5. Learn how to cook 3 good meals within the beginning of the new year
  6. Read 5 business/self improvement books before my birthday
  7. Attend a vancity business babes event and/or
  8. I Am Project You event
  9. Produce weekly content for my blog as a side challenge for myself

2020 is going to be filled with more work, more motivation, more money and more magic. Cheers to lots of goods things to come and lots of positivity and love to share. 

Sending love around the world,


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