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  • Little House on the Prairie Inspired

    Little House on the Prairie Inspired
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    Hotel Belmont Review
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    Sutton Hotel

Real Talk, Boy Talk

I’m kind of quiet, humble and not always handy with conversation pieces. Where can this lead to. Well generally speaking, anywhere but for now, particularly boys. Surprise, surprise a topic so cliché would be discussed by yours truly. Why not, I mean some things can just be, I don’t know, easy to talk about or have bountiful ideas to discuss.… View Post

Daily life of a Girl 🌺

Each and every girl is different no matter where they’re from or who they are. Daily lives differ, some similar others fairly different.  I’d like to share with the world, how a girl lives her daily life. This “story” if you will, will shadow a teenage girl, but won’t match all girls lifestyles. It’ll be about no girl in particular… View Post

Updated Information——-> Please read

Hello all you wonderful people. Sitting here I’ve been thinking that there’s so many things that I’ve been meaning to do. However, just as I’ve been meaning to catch up on things, we’re moving into my news house. And let me mention, FINALLY!! Since I didn’t want to rush a blog post, I’ve decided to postpone it. Totally taking a… View Post

Last Minute Summer Fashion Ideas

  We’re quickly starting to say our goodbyes to summer and get prepared for school (unless you’ve already started)! All those shorts, tanks, flip flops, bathing suits and much more have to be packed away for colder weather to arrive. But wait!!! Let’s still cherish this warm weather for as long as possible.   Throughout this summer, I’ve been trying… View Post

Secrets of Being a Runner

Little tips to help you on your run or to at least inspire you to go for one ;)… View Post

My Favorite Reads (from the past year)

Throughout time, there have been so many great novels and series written for all types of people. Not only do the readers’ judgments on books differ but so do the ideas of the authors. Not only does that give us a wide variety to choose from, but many different creative minds to listen to. At the beginning of the summer,… View Post

Moving Adventures & Tips

Has anyone ever moved before? If so, how many times? I used to be that kid that only moved once when I was a baby and everyone else moved lots. Now, I’m moving for the fifth time, if you count moving into my mom’s and dad’s separately. Although it seems like a lot, it’s not half as bad as it… View Post

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Morning comes around and you just don’t want to get out of your warm cocoon. Unfortunately, that’s the time when my belly starts to gurgle and food is one of my first thoughts. Sound familiar? When your tummy says, “Feed me,” then hopefully I’ll be able to help you fill it up. Below, I’ve added some of my favorite breakfast… View Post

On the Road & into the Bush

Just a week ago, I was fortunate enough to once again, go on our annual camping trip. A group of some family friends head northeast to the same campground every year as a reunion and to have some fun. Some exciting news: I was able to pull off numerous 360’s on the kneeboard for the first time! Also, I’m getting the… View Post

Infused Water is Quite Lovely

On such hot days it is super-duper easy to get dehydrated in the heat. Make sure to get some fluid into you for this summer! Although water is the best option, it isn’t a favorite for some people. The average person needs 8 cups a day and yeah who really drinks that much. Well… lately I’ve started and have actually… View Post


“Everyone in the world should get a standing ovation at least once in their life because we all overcometh the world.” -Auggie   There’s so so many things I can be thankful for and I’m sure many can agree. A few days ago, I was at Save On Foods with some people and there was a gentleman who was in… View Post

Two Birthdays in One

The day’s finally coming to a wrap and everyone’s heading to bed. Ok.. maybe not everyone, but I know I’m sure getting tired! Anyway, all the Canadians out there know that today is Canada’s 147th birthday. I’m happy to announce that’s it’s also the birth of my blog and many more years are here to come. I’d just like to… View Post