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  • Little House on the Prairie Inspired

    Little House on the Prairie Inspired
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    Hotel Belmont Review
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    Sutton Hotel

HS Series Part 2

As with everything else, I procrastinated writing this high school series post. So weird because I used to always get things done…So I’m currently sitting on the couch watching Pelé, which is a great movie, especially for all you soccer fans. Semi-finals are tomorrow and this movie is reminding me that soccer is more than showing up and scoring goals, but it’s also… View Post

Brand Ambassador

How many times have you wandered into a store and something automatically catches your eye? No matter how good your self-control is, this is an item that hands down must be purchased. Now how many times have you relentlessly put that must have item back on the rack because the price is “not gonna happen!”? Good thing there’s places like… View Post

Plato’s Closet Brand Ambassador

High School Series

High school. The two words that bring happiness or the complete polar opposite. Four years of life spent in this one place and the only thing that makes or breaks the experience is attitude. Online it seems like there’s an unlimited number of bloggers. Although this number has increased over the years, looking at the globe as a whole, there… View Post

Lesson 4 & 5

A thousand hellos to everyone! This is probably going to be my second to last driving lesson post as it’s starting to be wrapped up. I decided to throw these two lessons together because they both include some exciting new things. Since I wasn’t able to write down every single detail from both these lessons, I’ve decided that I’ll give… View Post

Valentine’s Day Edition

Outfit #1: Casual but classy  Pink flowy tank: American Eagle Jacket: Urban Planet   Outfit #2: Walk Along the Beach Floral maxi: Chabe’s Hat: gift unknown Sandals: Nine West The day that everyone either loves or hates is right around the corner. Some people spend time to careful plan out their special day…then there’s some of us who would rather… View Post

Survival for the Sick

Happy new year to all who read everything or anything that I post to Lifetime2Inspire! At some point I’d like to reminisce on 2016 and post  my resolutions. Mostly because I think of this site as a place to put my thoughts into writing, share with others and just have a record that I can personally reflect on. 

Sheraton Vancouver Hotel Review

4.5/5 stars Unlike some of the other hotels I’ve stayed at downtown, I didn’t get a chance to fully explore the Sheraton. My stay consisted of two nights both of which were enjoyable. Upon arriving it was a quick check in and the room was easy to find. Unfortunately the first room we entered did not meet our expectations therefore… View Post

“Sunglasses will look good beside these drinks!”

Who do you call on when stress is kicking down the door, the creativity of blog posts is as basic as a 14 on the pH scale and a good laugh is in need? Well, bloggers friends of course! Fortunately, I was finally able to meet up with the cutest blogging trio today ~Marley, Vienna & Rebecca. Reaching out to… View Post