10 Things I Learned Working In An Office

October 4, 2016

****Post from this last summer (2016)**** At the beginning of my holidays I was hired as a summer assistant. Along the way I not only gained lots of experience but I learned many things as well. For anyone interested in working in an office, or simply curious….


          I learned…….


  • Paying attention, not only is logical when dealing with important papers, but it’s essential. It’s so easy to go on bunny trails and daydream, especially when working in the summer. However, those papers weren’t going to tell me they were filed wrong.


  • Letter openers make life so much easier if you know how to use them. When you get handed this simple looking tool, it seems pretty self explanatory. That is until I start being creative on all the possible ways to use it even though it’s really not that difficult!


  • Using small bull dog clips on huge stacks of paper is like trying to fit six people in a five person car… it can work but not very well snd everyone’s left uncomfortable.


  • You can basically skip leg day and wait lifting, just NOT any core workouts. Between pushing off with your legs to roll around the office chairs, lifting boxes, whole punching and standing while scanning it’s quite the workout.


  • It’s refreshing to work alongside the maturity of  adults in correlation to the classrooms of high school.


  • How to properly use excel to make professional spreadsheets. How to match invoices to payments then neatly file them.


  • Permanent markers are great place keepers. Whenever I was going through boxes and removing folders from them, I’d clip it to the folder behind it to save it’s place. It’s much better than trying to use a stapler!


  • Speaking of staplers, purchasing the right one makes the job much quicker and easier.



  • Always ask questions. It’s way better to ask lots of questions, rather than filing something wrong which can lead to a problem further down the road.


  • Lastly, how thankful I am to have gotten this opportunity. Not only did I receive some great experience, but I met some really great people.



Now that I’ve had time to settle into school (hardly!), I hope to return to work with these lovely people again soon.


Sending love around the world,

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