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  • Pinnacle Hotel Review

    Pinnacle Hotel Review
  • Kelowna AirBNB Review

    Kelowna AirBNB Review
  • Little House on the Prairie Inspired

    Little House on the Prairie Inspired
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  • Hotel Belmont Review

    Hotel Belmont Review

Pinnacle Hotel Review

A few Saturdays ago, I went downtown for a girl’s weekend. We decided to stay at the Pinnacle for its location and view! Preliminary Evaluation: For the price (after we split it), the night we had, the close proximity to Granville and of course the view (deal breaker!), I’d recommend! Service: Our initial experience was upon arrival when we phoned… View Post

Kelowna AirBNB Review

Two weekends ago I went on a mini road trip with one of my best friends. Most AirBNB’s aren’t fully booked right now so there were plenty of options! We came across this cute one located in the beautiful Upper Mission area of Kelowna. We had a lovely 2 night stay here & thought I’d share some details. If you’re… View Post

Little House on the Prairie Inspired

Decided to put on a beautiful dress I thrifted online & do a last minute mini photo shoot. I received 3 dresses the other day and decided they should stay in my closet…at least for awhile until I resell. I absolutely love Little House on the Prairie and these photos remind me of it…. Sending love around the world, Taylor


  Hanging around home and everythng being shut down for the past while (month-ish) has been…well lots of things. Regardless of the feelings everyone has had, it has given many people a new mental space, time to slow down (even if you’re still grinding at home) and time to reflect. Here’s what I’ve learned while self quarantining.  Priorities:    … View Post

Hotel Belmont Review

“The Party Hotel”. Vancouver’s most modern, hype and aesthetic hotel. 1 night, two double beds, for my sister’s birthday weekend As per usual, here’s the scoop, real & honest, sometimes petty and always personalized. A big reason for booking this hotel was because of the way it was advertised online. The way its targeted towards a younger, spunkier crowd through… View Post


  As the year wraps up, we all start reflecting, reliving, criticizing or boasting about the past 365 days. In retrospect, it’s just a length of time we use to measure everything that has or hasn’t been accomplished within that window. Although resolutions aren’t a bad thing, I believe goals should be ongoing and not produced due to a specific… View Post

Sutton Hotel

At the end of last October I had the opportunity to stay at the Sutton Hotel in Vancouver with four of my best friends! We all enjoyed our one night stay & had a great experience. Like anything, with the good, there’s also always room for improvement. Most of the stuff in my reviews are to be taken lightly as… View Post

Social Survey: What Makes You Happy?

What makes you happy? Pretty simple question right? If you’ve spent time with me a lot a couple months ago (yes I’ve procrastinated this post!), you’ve heard that question a lot.  Most of my life I have been pretty introverted. What I have realized from this, is that it builds a barrier from meeting lots of people, making connections and… View Post

Lake Whatcom AirBNB

Last weekend I went on a little adventure with my mom for her birthday! Instead of hanging out downtown, we opted for a little AirBNB near the water. This is Quin’s Lake House.  As you can see it is one of the most charming and tranquil place you’ll find on the website, that isn’t too far from the lower mainland. … View Post

The Mystery Blogger Award

The blogging community is like a mini world of its own. What everyone has in common is that we want to share what we know with others. There’s so many creators that I’ve got the chance to interact with and hope to meet in the near future! A blogger named Anna from Anna Xiu blog was generous enough to nominate… View Post

MAT Trip 2017: Third Day at Warner Bros

This post has taken awhile to publish. Mostly because I had written the whole thing somewhere and misplaced it before I could type it up. One of the most irking things is losing work that you put effort into and I tend to become unmotivated to restart. Definitely a habit to fix. So here I am, rambling aside, this is… View Post

Plain Jain Black Tee

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted. So much good stuff happening in life! If you open up your closet, there’s got to be at least one black T-shirt in there. Either that or it’s too much of a staple that your closest is too crazy for. Quite frankly, that always seems to happen, even with the most basic… View Post